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Super weather for sailing

 July 2021 – Sailing is back on the agenda!

We are following the latest guidance on how to stay safe through COVID, but happy to say that sailing is a great opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy some welcome exercise in relative safety. Whether you are sailing just for the fun of it, or joining in one of our races, don’t forget your sun cream, and cover up from the Sun. We also recommend plenty of fluids  during this heat wave. Take care, and have fun.

If you just want to potter about and unwind after a busy day in the office, that’s fine. If there is a race going on, just stay clear of the racing line and you will be more than welcome to sail whenever we have safety cover on the water. 

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you – drop us a line on and we will get back to you to arrange how we can meet you and get you sailing…. we look forward to meeting you.

Winter Series Racing 2020

The new Winter series starts on 01 November 2020 and runs until 06 December 2020. It should be a great chance for some competitive sailing. 

All competitors must wear suitable long wetsuits, or Dry suits in addition to any other suitable cold weather sailing clothing. Mast head floats are still compulsory. All competitors must undertake at least one duty as part of their commitment to the series.

Juniors are invited to join the club from SYCSA on reduced fees. Suitably qualified parents can undertake their duties during the series.

All sailors must appreciate that they are competing under COVID restrictions and these may change at any time. You should satisfy yourself that you are prepared to sail and undertake the activity under these conditions. Please keep to all government guidelines and legal obligations.