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Change to Sailing Instructions published: Valid for Winter Series

The Sailing Committee have been discussing how to make the starting of races more fair when there are strong winds and capsized boats.

The Starting Area has now been defined and the Race Officer should delay the warning signal for a race start until there are 3 boats sailing within it.

The Committee will continue to monitor the question whether two boats should be required to start to constitute a race (currently a race is valid with just one boat starting), and make changes in future if necessary.

Winter series Notice of Race is on the Noticeboard and published here.

Changes to Sailing Instructions published here.

Sailing Committee

Sunday Spring Series ends

A sunny day with light and variable north/north westerly breeze that built to a nice fresh breeze after the second race had finished.  There were eight starters for both races, but the second race saw a marked split of the front four from the rest of the fleet on the second lap.

Congratulations to Martin and Lynn Harland, who win the morning and afternoon series.

The Summer Series starts next Sunday.

Be prepared!

Fewer boats out to play this Wednesday, in spite of a good breeze and warm weather.  Chris was still in Taunton at 6pm but made the start with rigging help from other competitors. The race track would have been much shorter for him if he had written down the course properly. But a very well deserved win by Mr. Shannon on one of his (these days) rare appearances. Series Results so far are posted on the Racing page.

It’s all about the shifts

A sunny Sunday with light, variable and shifty wind.  Well done to the Comet Trio of Lynn and Martin Harland sailed a ‘horizon’ job on the rest of the fleet, who suffered the ups and downs of the shifts, to take the lesser positions in both races.

Wednesday and Sunday results now up to date

Sunshine and sea breezes

The high pressure system bringing the clear sunny May bank holiday also brought light and variable winds for the Sunday’s racing.  The morning race started with a zephyr from the north west, but it never developed and settled.  The race was shortened fractionally at 1 lap and the changing wind filled from a different direction and turned the race order on it’s head.  The wind filled in nicely during the lunch break, forcing a new course to be set.  There were four takers for the PM race, and the first two laps were sailed in reasonable time.  The third and final lap was finished in a more fitful wind, but the order was not affected.

First Sunday racing

The first of the Spring Series finally started on the 8th April with a light to moderate north westerly breeze. There was some confusion during the morning race so, for fairness, the results are calculated for the first two laps.

Results can be found under the ‘Racing’ tab.

Close finish to the Icicle series

The final Sunday of a difficult and cold Icicle Series started out chilly, and then turned into a reasonable sunny day. The wind still had a keen Northerly edge to it near the lake, as it was from a predominantly northern direction.  The wind shelter, when in the dinghy park, made some boat maintenance work a pleasant task.

Congratulations to Dan Langdon for a successful series in his Blaze; Dan and Andrew Wright for second place and Richard Maltby and Malc Bale clinging onto third place under difficult conditions.  Thanks to our weekly reporter, Tom Abbott, and to several people who did a race duty even though they weren’t joining the racing.

Gusty east beast

The conditions were light winds from the east upon arrival at the club at 9:45.  By the start of the 10 minute delayed start at 11:10, the wind had started to rise to the forecast strength and was very shifty.  Richard Maltby rapidly came to the decision that it was too much to ‘single hand’ a Trio and retired.  Steve Briggs and Sue Weston capsized and inverted attempting a gybe at mark 7 on lap 2.  The other 4 boats managed to complete the four lap race and finish exhausted and grateful that the ordeal was over.  The boats were rapidly put away, so that they couldn’t be tempted out for a second race.