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Events Cancelled and Sailing Suspended until further notice, 19 March 2020

Message from the Committee about Cronoavirus and its impact on our Sailing
Dear DSC member,
Sorry but – Events Cancelled and Sailing Suspended until further notice
We have been monitoring the Government/NHS/RYA advice on Coronavirus and its impact on all of our lives for a few weeks now. You will not be surprised to learn that we have taken the unpleasant but necessary decision to cancel all forthcoming events until further notice, including the Work Party at the end of the month and the Discover Sailing event which was scheduled for May.
We also feel that for the time being we have to suspend ALL sailing for one month with immediate effect, until we know more how this situation will affect us all. 
It is hoped that perhaps in time, we might be able to offer some form of casual sailing under strict controls in a month or two, but we really don’t know? I know this will be particularly hard to accept for some of our members who, like me have been desperate to get back on the water again. But thinking particularly of our membership profile, we have a large number of us who fall into one or other of the higher risk categories. We cannot control the availability of our members to do duties and fulfill any sort of revised Duty Rota. We understand that whilst sailing itself is very low viral transmission risk, you have to think of the wider implications – it would be impossible to guarantee your safety within the clubhouse or in respect of crews for the safety boat etc etc.  
The committee are setting up an online meeting system in order to retain regular communications to explore ways forward and about when we might be able to start sailing again. Rest assured we will keep you informed
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On behalf of the entire committee, we are very sorry that we are all placed in this position but we are sure you will understand and support us in this, we wish you all good health
P.S please feel free to maintain our friendships via email or facebook etc in the meantime!! 
Nick Tasker

We breed champions!

Interesting article in the Windsurfing magazine about Adam Lewis, one of the founder members of the T15 windsurf group at Durleigh.  Adam now ranks 5th in the world of Men’s wave ranking.  Durleigh is mentioned on page 2.

Click here for full article.

Well done, Adam

Sailing Duties Required

The following sailing duties are unallocated.  Can any member who has not yet signed up for a duty this year, please do so asap. Either go to the Dutyman link to swap with ‘volunteer required’ or email

19/08/2017         14:00     SBO        Saturday Sailing
3/9/2017              11:00     Galley   Sunday Racing and Sailing
6/9/2017              18:00     RO          Wednesday Racing and Sailing
16/09/2017         14:00     SBO        Saturday Sailing
17/09/2017         11:00     SBO        Bart’s Bash
8/10/2017            11:00     Galley   Sunday Racing and Sailing
22/10/2017         11:00     Galley   Sunday Racing and Sailing
29/10/2017         11:00     Galley   Sunday Racing and Sailing

Honorary Lifetime Member

For his contribution to sailing at Durleigh and the community, it gives us great pleasure in announcing that Pete Branson has been awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership to Durleigh Sailing Club.  Although Pete is not in the best of health at the moment, we wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him at the club very soon.


The handbooks are ready!

Dear Sailors,
The handbooks are ready and can be collected from the clubhouse next time you are up.
They are in a box, underneath the notice board.
They are in alphabetical order and I would be obliged if they could be kept that way as it will make it easier for all concerned.
Many thanks
Sue Weston
P.S. Don’t forget to sign in


In order to qualify as CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) 50% of our members must attend at least twelve times per year. As we have to be able to prove this, from now forward please can EVERYONE sign in EVERY TIME they come onto club premises.

If we cannot do this, we will lose our CASC status and its 80% business rate relief , this would mean having to increase the fees by 25%.

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