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New Committee for 2018

Click to view. Committee for 2018

You will notice a few committee members are doing more than one duty which isn’t really acceptable, plus we need a Vice Commodore.  If any member feels they can help out and perhaps make a difference to the management of this club, the committee will be very pleased to hear from you.

To see committee job descriptions, click here.

Renew Your Membership – Overdue

As you know, Membership forms should have been returned by now. The deadline was 19th January 2018, but  several past members have still not sent in their forms. If you know of anyone in this position, don’t worry we will be delighted to welcome them back into the fold – but please chase them up to get their forms into the Membership Secretary without further delay.

If you have decided not to renew your membership, then we are sorry to lose you, but it would also be a great help if you would contact the Membership Sec to inform her of your decision – thank you.

If you are now a past member and are removing your boat etc, please can you check your space carefully and vacate your space ASAP. The boat park spaces will be re-organised next month, so please make sure that your boat is either registered now or removed by the 28th February 2018. After that date, any boats belonging to non-current members will be removed awaiting sale or disposal as per RYA and DSC rules. 

We are happy to try to help any past member in moving their boat off the park, and often can assist with if you would like any help.

Thanks so much for your understanding in this matter.