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Events Cancelled and Sailing Suspended until further notice, 19 March 2020

Message from the Committee about Cronoavirus and its impact on our Sailing
Dear DSC member,
Sorry but – Events Cancelled and Sailing Suspended until further notice
We have been monitoring the Government/NHS/RYA advice on Coronavirus and its impact on all of our lives for a few weeks now. You will not be surprised to learn that we have taken the unpleasant but necessary decision to cancel all forthcoming events until further notice, including the Work Party at the end of the month and the Discover Sailing event which was scheduled for May.
We also feel that for the time being we have to suspend ALL sailing for one month with immediate effect, until we know more how this situation will affect us all. 
It is hoped that perhaps in time, we might be able to offer some form of casual sailing under strict controls in a month or two, but we really don’t know? I know this will be particularly hard to accept for some of our members who, like me have been desperate to get back on the water again. But thinking particularly of our membership profile, we have a large number of us who fall into one or other of the higher risk categories. We cannot control the availability of our members to do duties and fulfill any sort of revised Duty Rota. We understand that whilst sailing itself is very low viral transmission risk, you have to think of the wider implications – it would be impossible to guarantee your safety within the clubhouse or in respect of crews for the safety boat etc etc.  
The committee are setting up an online meeting system in order to retain regular communications to explore ways forward and about when we might be able to start sailing again. Rest assured we will keep you informed
Please do subscribe to our website at
and our facebook page at
On behalf of the entire committee, we are very sorry that we are all placed in this position but we are sure you will understand and support us in this, we wish you all good health
P.S please feel free to maintain our friendships via email or facebook etc in the meantime!! 
Nick Tasker

Spring work party update

Thanks again to all 39 people who turned up on Saturday for the work party.

Nearly all the jobs that needed doing got done, the whole area is looking a lot better and the clubhouse is now a lovely shade of ‘Woodland walk’ brown.

Autumn Work Party

A big thank you to all who attended the work party today.

Despite  the cold weather there was a very good turnout and most of the jobs were completed.

It was good to see a mixture of younger and older members and those from SYCSA working together to get the jobs done.

There followed an excellent lunch of soup, sandwiches and cake provided by our very competent galley crew.

Mal. Molyneaux


Autumn Work Party

The Autumn work party is on Saturday 27th October.

We are not painting the outside of the clubhouse this year but there are still plenty of jobs to be done.

If you can help on the day please let Steve Briggs know so we have an idea of numbers for catering.

Further details will be posted soon.


Bosun Mal.

Regatta Sailing

Another hot and sunny day with light and variable winds from a northerly direction.  The many shifts, as the wind tumbled down over the hills and trees, gave many frustrating moments to all the helms.  The races were back to back to finish before the 13:00 barbeque.

Great day made better by all the volunteers and the friendly, enthusiastic members.

Annual Regatta and BBQ

Durleigh Sailing Club
Annual BBQ & Regatta
Sunday 8th July 2018
The BBQ is FREE to all DSC Members

(1) Two short races in the morning
(2) BBQ at 13.00 hours. Galley open to purchase other refreshments.
(3) Fun & Games on and off the water at 14.00 hours
(4) Raffle
(5) Presentation of prizes
Catering: Steve Briggs, Sue Briggs, Sue Weston and BBQ t.b.a.
Games: Ray Smith
The BBQ is FREE to all DSC Members.
You may bring along a guest/guests. Adults £5 each Children £3 each
Donations of salads and Puddings greatly appreciated
Please let Steve know if you are attending and bringing along a guest, this helps with all the catering. All food subject to availability