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2020 Christmas Pudding race

What a refreshing end to an otherwise horrid year. Our Annual Christmas Pudding Race was held in glorious Sunshine and steady winds. Crews took to the water and enjoyed some excellent class racing. 8 Comets of various classes, shared the water with a Laser, Laser 2000 and a Mirror.

Overall Winners and Christmas Pudding Champions were Martin and Lynn Harland in a Trio. All competitors were just happy to be out enjoying the freedom of the Reservoir.

For more photos of this event visit:

Thanks to all duty officers, inc Mr and Mrs Tye for also taking the photos.


Christmas Pudding race 2020

06th December 2020

Members are warmly invited to take part in our final race of the season, now that we shall be able to sail again after the lock down II. Please let our membership team know that you intend to sail and also book in as normal via our online booking system. Please remember that all COVID restrictions are still firmly in place and you will be required to adhere to all social distancing and COVID cleaning rules etc. That said, let’s Push the Boats out one last time in 2020 with our customary Christmas Pudding Race. (We don’t race the puddings themselves, and no pudding is harmed in the making of this event!!)

This year, we are making a special effort to bring some cheer into an otherwise dreadful year, so if you wish to wear a christmas hat, put a bit of tinsel on your boat or anything else to help you get into the Christmas Spirit, please do! Don’t forget to let us know if you are attending so we can organise Christmas Puds,  see you on the 6th Dec !!

Winter Series Racing 2020

The new Winter series starts on 01 November 2020 and runs until 06 December 2020. It should be a great chance for some competitive sailing. 

All competitors must wear suitable long wetsuits, or Dry suits in addition to any other suitable cold weather sailing clothing. Mast head floats are still compulsory. All competitors must undertake at least one duty as part of their commitment to the series.

Juniors are invited to join the club from SYCSA on reduced fees. Suitably qualified parents can undertake their duties during the series.

All sailors must appreciate that they are competing under COVID restrictions and these may change at any time. You should satisfy yourself that you are prepared to sail and undertake the activity under these conditions. Please keep to all government guidelines and legal obligations. 

Change to Sailing Instructions published: Valid for Winter Series

The Sailing Committee have been discussing how to make the starting of races more fair when there are strong winds and capsized boats.

The Starting Area has now been defined and the Race Officer should delay the warning signal for a race start until there are 3 boats sailing within it.

The Committee will continue to monitor the question whether two boats should be required to start to constitute a race (currently a race is valid with just one boat starting), and make changes in future if necessary.

Winter series Notice of Race is on the Noticeboard and published here.

Changes to Sailing Instructions published here.

Sailing Committee

End of Autumn Series results

The fresh north easterly breeze, along with the cold temperatures of the weekend, made the possible sailors think twice about taking part in the final Sunday of the Autumn Series.  The water level continues to go down, and it may be some time before levels rise again without some heavy rainfall.

Congratulations to Martin and Lynn Harland who comprehensively take the win in the morning and afternoon series.

Full results here