In order to qualify as CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) 50% of our members must attend at least twelve times per year. As we have to be able to prove this, from now forward please can EVERYONE sign in EVERY TIME they come onto club premises.

If we cannot do this, we will lose our CASC status and its 80% business rate relief , this would mean having to increase the fees by 25%.

This includes all members, all family members, all SYCSA Saturday club participants, all Sea Cadets and instructors.

There is a diary/signing in book on the pillar in the middle of the main room – please enter your name and signature on the current day.


May I ask everyone in charge ie: Committee members, OOD, SBO, ASBO, Galley slave, instructors etc to be ultra vigilant and check that people are signing in.

Thank you for your co-operation

with kind regards,
Sue Weston