Sailing Duties

To ensure continuity of sailing throughout the season and to keep memberships fees low, each member is required to do duties.  These are:
Race Officer (RO).  Responsible for organising the racing and Officer of the Day duties.
Safety Boat Officer (SBO). Must have a minimum of RYA Level 2.
Assistant Safety Boat Officer (ASBO)

Each member is required to do at least 2 full days per season.  Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons are classed as half days.  At least 2 Family members are required to do duties unless they are under 16 or a non-sailing family member.  Obviously, we welcome any member who has the ability to do more duties and non-sailing family members who would like to help.

Duties are administered by the Rota Secretary using Dutyman software.

Dutyman Instructions – click to download a copy

What is Dutyman 

Dutyman is an external software application used by Durleigh Sailing Club and many other sailing clubs to administer sailing officer duties, e.g., Race Officer (RO), Safety Boat Officer (SBO), Assistant Safety Boat Officer (ASBO) and Galley.

How it works

At the beginning of the year, between January and February, the Rota Secretary will set up a new event roster for the year to include all the usual sailing days and any planned special events.  Existing members will inform the Membership Secretary on their intention to re-join the club at the end of the previous season, usually around October.  It is very important that members do this so that the Rota Secretary has plenty of time to enter the details into Dutyman.

During January and February an allocation period is set up and an email is sent out to all members asking them to choose their duties for the year.  A simple form with available duties is contained in the email.  During this allocation period, the Dutyman website will be in a lockdown state and not show any of these new duties but may still show the previous years.

At the end of the allocation period the Rota Secretary will publish the new rota to the Dutyman website, at which time it will become visible to all.  An automated email will be sent out informing members that their new duties have been published.

Any new member joining during the allocation period will be entered into Dutyman and an allocation email sent to them.  New members joining after the allocation period will be asked to look in Dutyman for sailing days that have ‘Volunteer Required’ and choose an appropriate duty to swap.

Logging In

Open DUTYMAN by going directly to

Each member is sent a welcome email containing their DutyMan log in name and password. If you do not have this email, click the “Yes, please…” button in the Need a log in reminder? box immediately above the name and password fields in the right-hand panel of the Roster page. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

You have two views of the duties calendar. On the right hand side a panel lists all your options. Follow the instructions given in the right hand panel.

To confirm an individual duty – Find the duty that you want to confirm in either the calendar or the list. Expand your duty by clicking on the adjacent triangle.

Number of Duties Required

It is essential to the smooth running of the club, for each member to do the equivalent of  at least 2 full day duties. Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evening are classed as half days. Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evening are classed as half days.  Non-sailing family members and members under the age of sixteen are not required to do duties, but are welcome if they choose to.

Volunteering for Duties

To see what duties require volunteers open the roster in either List or Calendar view.  Any duty that doesn’t have someone allocated will be marked ‘Volunteer Required’ and ‘Swap Required’.

To volunteer for a duty, select the Volunteer tab in the right-hand panel of the roster page and click on the volunteer wanted symbol to the right of the duty. The duty details will appear in box 1 in the right hand panel.  Leave a message in box 2 if required and click the Volunteer box 4 when finished.

Swapping Duties

If you’ve been allocated a duty, and you cannot perform that duty, then you will need to find someone to swap with or to do the duty for you.

To swap a duty, select the Duty Swap tab in the right-hand panel of the roster page and follow the on-screen instructions.

First click on the o button that is adjacent to your name.  Then click the ‘swap’ symbol on the duty you wish to swap with.

You can select multiple candidates for a swap request.  If you tick the ‘Mail me a summary’ box before submitting your swap requests, DutyMan emails you details of your swap request, including the names  and dates of people with whom you have requested a duty swap.  Alternatively the Activity Log also lists your swap requests.

You can also add a message to swap requests if you wish in box 3.

NOTE that if you receive a swap request, and you’re happy to do the duty but don’t want to swap, simply VOLUNTEER for the duty.

Any questions look up ‘How Do I’ on the header of the DutyMan login page.


Q. My partner is a non-sailing family member but gets requests to allocate duties.
A. This is because the Rota Secretary is unaware he/she is a non-sailor and all family members are assumed sailors unless told otherwise. Contact the Rota Secretary to ask them to be removed from Dutyman.

Q. What if I cannot do my allocated duty?
A. If you cannot do your allocated duty, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap. The Rota Secretary cannot do it for you.  We will, however, take a sympathetic view due to sudden illness etc but where possible you should inform other duty staff and the Rota Secretary as soon as possible.

Q. My allocation email gives me the option of 3 duties but I only want to pick 2 full days?
A. This is because Dutyman doesn’t recognise half days and we are forced to give a number of duties required. Just fill in the 2 full days and leave the other blank.  However, if you are willing to do addition duties, you are welcome.

Q. What if I can’t get anyone to swap with me?
A. Try hard to arrange a swap by giving plenty of notice. If however you fail to arrange a swap, there are a few members willing to do a paid duty at short notice. They are listed in your handbook and on reminder emails. This should be a last resort.

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