Our Vision

1. Vision Statement

Durleigh Sailing Club will, through its members, partners and facilities, provide a safe and friendly environment in which to sail regardless of expertise, race, sex or age.
Our aim is to encourage dinghy sailing and sailboarding in a safe and friendly environment. As well as racers we give an equally warm welcome to beginners and those who want sail on a recreational basis. 

2. Our Values 

A club for its members.
The club is first and foremost for the use of its members and their use of the facilities for the purpose of sailing whether that be racing or cruising and social Interaction. 

Aim: To be the best.
We must aim to be the best, setting a new sailing club standard for social interaction, clubhouse and boating facilities, and event management amongst the broader sailing community

A friendly club.
The club will remain approachable, being a club for all, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for individuals and families from all walks of life sharing a common love of sailing.

Nurturing the young.
We will commit resources to nurturing and developing the young, encouraging sail training through club coaching, the use of our partner SYCSA, competition and club participation for the growth and the pursuit of sailing generally.

Developing others.
We understand that it is not always the young who require developing and we will commit resources to develop members of all ages.

Protecting  Club  assets and planning for the future.
The club’s elected management committee must protect the assets and viability of the club, and build a secure financial future for the club by minimising risks.

Affordable for all members
A balance must be achieved between the fiscal responsibility and providing an affordable club (when compared with competing sailing clubs) for the enjoyment of all members.

Protecting the Environment.
The club and its visitors must assume a caretaker role in protection of the environs of the clubhouse, facilities and reservoir and recycling of rubbish. 

Encouraging members to give something back to the club
The generosity, wealth of talent, and diverse skills of members needs to be fostered; and continually acknowledged to maintain a vibrant and motivated club for the benefit of all. 

Healthy relationship with others.
We will promote and maintain a healthy relationship with our neighbours and joint users of the reservoir, for the benefit of the community and future of the club. 

3. Goals

3.1 Membership – the club must aim to:-

  • Broaden our membership base by encouraging more to sail from the local community
  • Explore better provisions for facilities including changing rooms, rescue boats and boat storage.
  • Provide a comfortable atmosphere with quality service and affordable pricing for   Members and their guests.
  • Explore avenues to enhance the current Membership base and expand the current operation.

3.2 Volunteers – the club must aim to:-

  • Foster our Volunteers through enhancement of their skills, knowledge and ability

3.3 Club Racing – the club must aim to:-

  • Promote structured racing program with a variety of fixed, well understood formats, based around 5 types of race days:

1.     Club Events
2.     Special Events – Open Days
3.     Club Championship
4.     Club Regattas
5.     Regional and National 

3.4 Regatta Programme – the club must aim to:-

Cater for a wide range of regattas – at all levels, and actively promoting and seeking regatta opportunities including:

1. National Class Championships
2. Promote multi-class events to enable access by smaller classes
3. Special Events, e.g. The “Sailing development plan”, Youth Competitions
4. Host one large event per season

3.5 Member Development – the club must aim to:-

  • Make sure that DSC Members are supported with coaching / training as requested.
  • Ensure that  Junior sailing and development  occurs on Friday evenings.
  • Encourage the older youth to volunteer and support them with a coach development program.
  • Make sure that Seniors are supported with on water, and debrief coaching input from a club expert or an RYA coach as required and warranted.
  • Encourage local Schools  to support Club activities.

3.6 Management – the club must aim to:-

  • Ensure the financial stability of the Club is sustained through best business
  • Minimise the risks to maintain the club assets and provide for future growth.
  • Resource appropriately the core operation of the Durleigh Sailing Club which is sailing,
  • Provide that an organisational structure is in place to ensure the development of the club through structured processes from membership of the club through to the management of the committee.
  • To speed up decisions and help ensure that the right people with the necessary skills if necessary the committee will set up sub committees to push initiatives forward

3.7 Galley – the club must aim to:-

  • Provide catering options in a fast and convenient manner while maintaining affordable pricing with the assistance of Club Volunteers.
    Investigate possibilities of enhancing and/or expanding the current operation. 

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