Committee Duties

List of Committee Officers and their job descriptions.

The committee will welcome anyone expressing an interest in any of these roles.

1. Take the Chair at meetings of the Management Committee and General Meetings and to lead the club effectively.
2. To be a member of the Management Committee and an ex-officio member of other Committees and working parties as required.
3. To maintain links with the Principal and Chairman of SYCSA, sit on the Joint Liaison Group of the two organisations and facilitate plans for the amalgamation of DSC and SYCSA as appropriate.
4. To represent the public face of the Club in the sailing and local communities.
5. To ensure the Club abides by the terms of its Constitution and of its Lease with Wessex Water, and is operated within the terms of the Law and all official regulations.
6. To maintain good relations with Wessex Water and to oversee all communication with the same.
7. To call and chair Management Committee meetings, Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.
8. To oversee all Club events including the conduct and performance of sailing and windsurfing on Durleigh Reservoir, to head up arrangements for Open Days, the Annual Regatta and Barbeque, Open Events and other social events.
9. To oversee all financial matters relating to the Club.
10. To act as spokesman for the Club when invited, to represent the Club at special events connected with sailing at Regional and National level.
11. To take the lead in disciplinary matters involving the Club.
12. To check and ensure information contained in the Club Handbook is correct before publication and to contribute to the Club Newsletter and to write a New Year message.
13. To monitor implementation of policy and long-term development plans.
14. Welcome all new members to the club.
15. Delegate duties appropriately.

Vice Commodore
1. To be a member of the Management Committee.
2. To deputise for the Commodore in his/her absence.
3. To assist and support the Commodore in carrying out his/her duties.
4. To be a member of the Management Committee.
5. To be prepared to take on role of Commodore at the end of the Commodore’s term of office.

Rear Commodore
1. To be a member of the Management Committee.
2. To support the Commodore with decisions based on past experience in the role of Commodore.

Hon. Secretary
1. Maintain and preserve all past written/printed records of the Club
2. Receive all Club communication by email, letter and phone, keeping a permanent record as necessary.
3. Maintain general communication with the membership of the Club by phone, email, newsletter and written/printed correspondence as appropriate.
4. Take and subsequently file minutes of all Club meetings and to send out notices of meetings and agendas at the appropriate times.
5. Have day to day communication with Wessex Water and the Durleigh Ranger.
6. Compile and send out newsletters to the membership by email or post as agreed by the Management Committee.
7. In conjunction with the Hon. Membership Secretary, to maintain an up to date list of the membership of the Club and to send out the Club Handbook and membership notifications.
8. Compile the Club Handbook annually.
9. Keep a record of all expenditure incurred for transfer to the Hon. Treasurer.

Hon. Treasurer
1. To bank all income and ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place.
2. To ensure that the Management Committee is properly informed about all financial matters, including its financial responsibilities.
3. To keep a close eye on forward resourcing, ensuring that action necessary to ensure financial viability are considered in good time.
4. To help identify and, as far possible, secure financial resources for the Club.
5. To advise on the financial aspects of the Club development plan.
6. To ensure that accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by the Auditor in the manner required and that any recommendations of the auditors implemented.
7. To present the accounts at the Club AGM.
8. To pay bills, manage direct debits and reimburse committee members, or other members, for authorised expenditure.

Hon. Bosun
1. To ensure all maintenance equipment is maintained to an acceptable standard and fuel and oil stocks are replenished as necessary.
2. To ensure Safety Boats are serviced regularly and pre-checks are carried out by Safety Boat Officer.
3. To ensure all safety equipment complies with RYA recommendations.
4. Compile lists of work required for Working Party days and oversee the work during the day.
5. Purchase materials as necessary and keep a record of all authorised expenditure incurred for transfer to the Hon. Treasurer.

Assistant Bosun
1 Support the Bosun with all their tasks.
2 Stand in for the Bosun during times when they are unavailable.

Hon. Safety Officer
1. To identify all hazards both on and off the water and take action to minimise the risk from these hazards.
2. Be a point of contact should a member identify a hazard or other health and safety issue.
3. Carry out Risk Assessments and carry out inspections of the Club’s premises and equipment .
4. Carry out investigations into reported accidents and near misses .
5. Arrange for the appropriate inspections and certification of equipment as required by law.
6. Maintain the appropriate records including Accident Book.
7. Ensure the First Aid Boxes are fully stocked to recommended standard.
8. Ensure all safety equipment complies with RYA recommendations.

Hon. Membership Secretary
1. Responsible for providing and distributing membership renewal forms.
2. Maintain a list of all members, including Honorary Members, associate members and Trustees.
3. Be the first point of contact for new members.
4. Receive payment for membership, sailing licence and boat park fees and pass such monies to the Hon. Treasurer.
5. Liaise with Boat Park Officer to manage boat park spaces.
6. Adhere to the Data Protection Act.

Hon. Sailing Secretary
1. Produce the Sailing programme for the Club sailing activities.
2. Chair Sailing Committee meetings and produces agenda for sailing committee meetings.
3. Arrange trophies for the Annual Prize giving.
4. Advertise, oversee and arrange trophies for Open Meetings.
5. Acts as the point of contact for other sailing clubs on sailing issues.
6. Maintain results of all club and Open meeting racing and publish results on Club notice board.
7. Be familiar with the current RYA Rules of Racing and act has advisor when required.

Hon. Social Secretary
1. Organise and make arrangements for all social activities for the club.
2. Work closely with the Fund-Raiser to identify potential opportunities for arranging fund raising social events
3. Contribute to the annual programme.
4. Book external venues for AGM, prize-givings and other events.
5. Motivate club members (and non-members, if appropriate) to attend social events.
6. Help encourage new members into the club.

Galley Officer
1. Ensure the Galley food and drink stocks are replenished as required.
2. Ensure the Galley complies with the Food Standards regulations and maintain a 5 Star rating.
3. Report equipment failures to the Bosun.
4. Oversee the operation of the galley during events.

Marketing/Promotions Officer
1. Raise the profile of the club.
2. Produce the Club Handbook and other promotional material.
3. Advertise events on the club website and notice boards.
4. Maintain Event’s notice boards.
5. Seek opportunities for sponsorship and grants.
6. Liaise with other organisations, companies, etc. including Wessex Water.

Boat Park Officer
1. Ensure the Boat Park is managed efficiently and within the constraints of the lease, and that all members have a boat space.
2. Work with the Membership Secretary to ensure new members are welcomed to the club and given an appropriate boat space/s.
3. Liaise with SYCSA to ensure their allocated spaces are managed in a way that does not impede on DSC spaces.
4. Deal with boat hire requests and maintain a diary of boat use.
5. Ensure fees are collected and transferred to Hon. Treasurer.

Rota Secretary
1. Set up Dutyman software to manage the duty rota at the start of the year.
2. Maintain a full list of members in Dutyman. Requires assistance from Hon. Membership Secretary to also ensure new members are added.
3. Maintain a full list of events in Dutyman.
4. Set an allocation period at the start of the year to allow members to pick their duties.
5. Publish the rota once the allocation period is over.
6. Update automated email text to welcome members and inform them of their pending duty.
7 Provide assistance with Dutyman as required.

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