Leisure Sailing

Whether you are a leisure sailor or keen racer, beginner or experienced, all sailors are welcome at Durleigh.  

For the majority of the season the club is open for both casual sailing and racing. Saturday afternoons are for leisure sailing (no routine racing). Racing is on Sunday all day and Wednesday evenings. During races, you are welcome to sail for fun and we simply ask that you keep out of the way of the racers. ????????

Beginners or new members should not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy themselves because they are unsure about something. Experienced sailors are usually around and more than willingly assist others with rigging, launching and sailing advice.

Whenever you sail at Durleigh, you will have the confidence of knowing that there is always a safety boat and experienced crew on the water looking after your wellbeing, allowing you to relax and enjoy the activity.    img026

Members can bring their family and guests along to enjoy the tranquil, safe surroundings of the reservoir.  If you need to keep them entertained, fed and watered while you are on the water, the Galley is manned on a Sunday and serve a range of snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Kitchen facilities are available other times on a self serve basis.  If you need to heat your food, we have a cooker and microwave, or alternatively a gas barbeque is available for a small charge to cover the cost of the gas.

We also have a small selection of ‘lawn’ games for the children, i.e., Boule, Swingball and rounders.


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