Bringing your own boat

There are some restrictions on the craft allowed at Durleigh.  Canoes, Kayaks, kite surfing, inflatables, SUP Paddleboards, Jet Skis and personal water craft are not allowed on the reservoir. Swimming is not allowed.

Dinghies and Windsurfers are permitted and managed through the Sailing club.  If you would like to sail and have your own dinghy, you are welcome to bring it along and sail with us for the day on payment of the temporary membership fee.

We have a large number of different dinghy classes at Durleigh and can usually cater for most classes, but we do have some restrictions. Mono-hull dinghy up to 16ft long and with a minimum Portsmouth Number of 924 are accepted, other boats will need committee approval.

You will also need to disinfect any boat brought here to stop invasive species, disinfectant is supplied.

For more information contact Steve Briggs

All boats/boards must be adequately insured against third party risks.

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