Work Party

A big thank you to all of you who turned for the work party today.
We managed to get most of the important jobs done, below are just a couple of them.

New gate post fitted at entrance from car park to slipway
New pole installed for weather station

Because the grass was very wet it was decided not to cut it today, so members when you come to the club please spare a little time to do some mowing.

On a separate note the new season starts next Sunday  1st April, look forward to seeing you there.

Bosun Mal.

Gusty east beast

The conditions were light winds from the east upon arrival at the club at 9:45.  By the start of the 10 minute delayed start at 11:10, the wind had started to rise to the forecast strength and was very shifty.  Richard Maltby rapidly came to the decision that it was too much to ‘single hand’ a Trio and retired.  Steve Briggs and Sue Weston capsized and inverted attempting a gybe at mark 7 on lap 2.  The other 4 boats managed to complete the four lap race and finish exhausted and grateful that the ordeal was over.  The boats were rapidly put away, so that they couldn’t be tempted out for a second race.

Icicles melt in the sunshine

Sunday weather was beautiful sunshine and a cold easterly wind.  On the clubhouse shore, the wind seemed to be force 2 – 3.  Towards the north shore, the wind was shifty and occasionally gusty.  The best tactic to take, going upwind, was to sail a touch freer and faster to give a chance to steer the boat through the shifts.  Ray Smith did the best job to take a lead on the water and win both races.  The RS200, of the Wrights, took a dip at the gybe at mark 2 in the second race.

Latest results are now to be found on the Results page under the Racing tab

Stay warm this Sunday!

Less hardy icicle competitors can take advantage of the heater in the Race Hut on Sunday. If you don’t like going slow in the forecast light winds, why not take out the safety boat and keep moving?

This weekend is your next opportunity to take your share in race duties. It’s possible that the even share through the series means doing more than one stint so please check the noticeboard and fill the gaps.

As always, no duties means no sailing!

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