Boat Hire

If you know how to sail but don’t have a dinghy, we have several available to hire. We are delighted to welcome visiting Dinghy Sailors who maybe in Somerset on Holiday, or for a short stay and keen to get out on the water. 

We are a small Sailing Centre, entirely run by volunteers, so we may not have the resources which larger centres can offer, but our welcome is equally warm, and we have buoyancy aids available if you forget to bring one.

The Centre normally operates on Wednesday evenings during the summer months and at the weekends from April until October. Boat hire is usually available Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sundays all day, but please give as much notice as possible of your requirement.

To hire a dinghy please contact us (

Our boats for hire:

Wayfarer £20 per day  £15 half day

Laser (Standard or Radial rig) £20 per day £15 half day

Laser Pico £20 per day £15 half day

Topper £10 per day  £5 half day

For non -members a £15 temporary day membership fee is also payable.

Reserved for full Members:

Comet Trio £20 per day £15 half day