DF95 & RC Sailing

Radio Sailing

Radio Sailing is governed by the MYA in the UK. Our primary Class here at Durleigh is the very popular DF95 one design  Radio Controlled boats.Using just two Radio Controlled Servos, one for the Sails and one for the Rudder, you can experience many of the thrills of full sized boats and equally competitive sailing.

We also allow DF65, RG65, IOM, R36, and Footy Classes, although as a new section – we don’t have many other class boats at this time (March ’24). [Powered RC and Free Vane Sailing are not permitted at Durleigh.]

The great thing about DF95’s is they are affordable, simple to assemble and there are over 7,000 Worldwide, so lots of knowledge and support available. Spares are easy to obtain, although we do keep some items at the Centre for our members.

When we race

As a new section, we are still establishing our race times, but we often sail these little boats when our larger cousins can’t get moving. We hold multiple races on Tuesdays, with the first race starting at 10am. Races are short, lasting only a few minutes, so it is easy to pack in quite a few races in a session. As we say, this is a new section and we are still finding which days and times work best for us all. If you are thinking of paying us a visit, please contact us and check first, but we would be delighted to chat to you about getting into this side of sailing.

How to get involved

Feel free to pay us a visit and ask any questions you may have. If you would like a go, some of our members are happy to offer trial sessions. we are a friendly bunch and as with all our sailing opportunities, open to all ages and abilities.

For more information on this exciting branch of our sport, Click here to visit the MYA website.

Any questions?

Feel free to fill out the form on our contact page with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.